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Composted Worm Manure


We have found that using CWM can increase not only the size of flower blooms, but also the frequency and quantity of blooms. We have always managed a beautiful garden, but until we began using CWM, we were never big on flowers.
 Our roses now THRIVE on this stuff, we have blooms nearly all year round. 
Our chemical free vegetables also blossom and produce like crazy. We grow so much now that, even after sharing with friends, employees and family we have excess to sell.
For more information and to place an order, check out our web site at:


One thing most farms have plenty of  is POOP!
Yes, we DO too! The rabbit & worm manure is contained. The sheep, chickens and cows are a given - it stays where it lands. Although, we have worked out arrangement$ for folks that wanted some of these special "deposits".
Don't ever be afraid to ask us - we are 21st Century farmers, almost everything is available for the right price.

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Rabbit manure is the main diet of our composting and bait worms. They chew it up and poop it out, giving us "worm manure" or "worm castings". When we harvest the worms for sale, the by-product is "composted worm manure". We bag up the worm manure in old 50 pound feed bags for $10.00 a bag, picked up at the farm; completing the recycle & reuse effort.Delivery and shipping available, please contact us for pricing.

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Mike & Dee Blaha

16362 Wilson Blvd.

Masaryktown, FL 34604-7335


Please contact us at info@rabbitsetc.us or  352.796.0459 or 352.573.0166  for appointment Mondays - Saturdays 12:00 noon - 7:00 p.m.  


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