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Want to sample our pork???? We are selling choice packaged cuts of hams, chops, bacon and sausage for $7.50 per pound. 
BBQ PIGS are at times available pricing begins at $85.00 each and up. On hand now for the HOLIDAYS - skinned, gutted and ready for the GRILL - $125
Pigs for "chops, roasts and bacon" ready to eat !  They are also sold by "hanging weight". That means, just like the cows, pretty much edible meat weight- no hide, head, hooves, guts, etc.). The butcher also charges a small fee for it being skinned, gutted, cut and wrapped. 
 If you want it cut, wrapped or specialty cuts our butcher gives our customers a good price or you are welcome to make your own arrangements. He will cut your chops as thick as you wish & package them in the quantity you want for your family. You can choose between Breakfast or Italian sausage. He can also wrap each side separately - if you wanted to split it with someone.  Or you can do it all yourself.
Full size,live pigs $300.00.
Full size packaged Pigs - $4.95 a pound for hanging weight PLUS butcher fees.

$ 50.00 deposit holds that piggie for you.

Eat and grow BIG little piggies!
Suckling PIGS NOW available !

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Mike & Dee Blaha

16362 Wilson Blvd.

Masaryktown, FL 34604-7335


Please contact us at info@rabbitsetc.us or  352.796.0459 or 352.573.0166  for appointment Mondays - Saturdays 12:00 noon - 7:00 p.m.  


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